Dunia Kimia Jaya manufactures mineral oil under brand name “WHIMOL”. WHIMOL series are high refined mineral oils that consist of saturated hydrocarbon. WHIMOL series are hydrophobic, colorless, transparent oily liquid, tasteless, odorless, and good stability. WHIMOL can be used in a variety of application such as personal care product or cosmetics. WHIMOL series are available in a variety of viscosity and can also be manufactured as per specific customer requirement.

Our WHIMOL series meet of any regulation as follow :

  1. Requirement of internationally pharmacopeias such as USP, BP, Europe Pharmacopeia.
  2. Requirement of the USA Food and Drug administration Regulators 21 CFR 178.3620 (b).
  3. BPOM Regulation “No. 23 Th 2019 concerning Technical Requirements for Cosmetics Materials”.