Water Treatment
PT Dunia Kimia Jaya’s water treatment division serves the needs of almost all segments of the water treatment business in Indonesia, including raw water, process water, and waste water, oil and gas, mining, and smelters. We have a team of experienced water technicians supported by complete laboratory facilities that serve customers in Indonesia and the Asia Pacific region. We are fully committed to providing the most comprehensive solutions to enable customers to meet their water and environmental needs through our innovative products and services.

Dunia Kimia Jaya provides water treatment chemicals for fresh water or waste water to remove impurities in the water. The types of chemicals are:

  1. Coagulant Aid
    Chemicals that accelerate the process of coagulation (destabilization of colloidal suspensions) to separate suspended solids for water.
  2. Flocculant
    Chemicals that bind suspended solids are neutralized to increase particle size and assist in the regulation of particles for water purification.

  3. Antifoam & Defoamer
    Chemicals that control, reduce and inhibit the formation of foam in industrial processes.
  4. Nutrients and Bacteria for wastewater treatment
    Nutrients and bacteria designed to treat wastewater treatment problems including municipal waste plants to increase biological activity, increase COD removal and maintain healthy bacterial populations.
  5. RO Chemicals
    • Acid dan Alkaline Chemicals : chemicals for cleaning RO membranes
    • Scale Inhibitor : chemicals that control the scale of deposits in RO membranes
    • Biocide : chemicals that are effective against sulfate reducing bacteria in RO membranes
  6. Boiler Chemicals
    • Corrosion Inhibitor : chemicals that reduce the rate of corrosion of metals or alloys inside
    • Condensate Liquid : chemicals that control the pH of the condenser to inhibit corrosion caused by thick vapor.
    • Scale Inhibitor dan Dipersant : chemicals that control or maintain scale formation in boilers.
    • Corrosion-preventing chemicals and inhibitor deposits for coal-fired boilers.
    • Oxygen Scavenger : chemicals that reduce or eliminate oxygen in corrosion inhibiting boilers
  7. Water Cooling Chemicals
    • Corrosion dan Scale Inhibitor :chemicals that reduce and control the rate of corrosion of metals or alloys and scale deposits in cooling water systems.
    • Biocides : Oxidation and non-oxidizing biocides to control organisms in the cooling water system.
    • Dispersant dan Bio Dispersant : chemicals that reduce the rate of corrosion of metals or alloys inside