About Textile

PT Dunia Kimia Jaya’s textile division serves all the needs of chemicals for the Indonesian textile industry, both for the process of sizing, dyeing / finishing, to printing. At present, the superior quality of our products and services has won the trust of domestic companies, PMA, and various textile companies in Asia.

With the support of an experienced sales team, technicians, production and management, we are committed to becoming a leading chemical supplier in the Indonesian and global textile industry.

PT Dunia Kimia Jaya’s products for the textile industry, including:

  • Sizing Agent, Ketacol
    For Indonesian weavers who require size chemicals which provide high efficiency of weaving. Thus, give high productivity and low total cost production. Then, Ketacol is also easy in scouring after sizing.
  • Softener Agent, Sunsillicone
    Provide softeness and non yellowing fabric with competitive cost.
  • Desizing Agent (Sun Amylase, Ractase, SunCell, dan Ractogen Series)
    Provide desizing process both of enzymatic (amylase base) and oxydation (persulphate base) process.
  • Scouring Agent, SunScour Series,
    Amino modified silicone softener, suitable for knitted or woven fabrics of cotton, polyester and nylon, no yellowing effect, ultrafine film for special softness
  • Hardener Agent, Suntex Series
    Works as fabric hardener, increasing bonding of non woven fabric, wrinkle recovery and stabilization of cellulosic fabric.
  • Dyeing-printing, Reducnon
    Anti reducing agent, inhibit reduction of reactive dyes, stable to acid, alkali, and hard water, available in solid form.
  • Dyeing-printing, Resistol
    Quite unique resist printing agent which enables resist printing with reactive on reactive dyes.
  • Bleaching agent, Redamin RB
    Assisting agent for H2O2 bleaching, another ingredients is premixed thus simplified and improved workability. Color fading if thick color is applied
  • Bleaching agent, Sunstab 02
    H2O2 Stabilizer, to keep H2O2 in process, non silicate and magnesium material.
  • Bleaching agent, Minex TRP 2
    Assisting agent for H2O2 bleaching, another ingredients is premixed thus simplified and improved workability. Can be used as scouring agent.
  • OBA, Dikhapor AJG
    To enhance brightness of fabric, works as optical brightening agent, make fabric looks brighter, carry out fluorescent bright during coating and surface sizing.

Other Dunia Kimia Jaya products that are used in the textile industry, include:

  • SMBS
    Dalam industri tekstil,  SMBS berperan sebagai bleaching agent, anti chlor, dan anti peroksida. Dengan performance yang stabil dan tidak berbau, SMBS menjadi solusi untuk sistem pengolahan air Anda yang lebih efisien.
  • WhimolWhimol or white mineral oil/ paraffinic oil is a hydrophobic, colorless, tasteless, odorless when cold, chemically and biologically stable, non comedogenic, and do not support pathogenic bacterial growth. Our Whimol in textile industry can be used as coning oil and knitting oil.
  • Ultrasol RS
    Our products which has chemicals name petroleum distillates, Ultrasol RS is saturated aliphatic and alicyclic hydrocarbons. It is also highly refined solvents and diluents or carrier. As a high quality product of Dunia Kimia Jaya, Ultrasol RS is hydrophobic, light yellow to colorless liquid, tasteless, mild color, chemically and biologically stable, and good to excellent yellowing resistance. In textile industry, Ultrasol RS can be used as solubilizer pigments.