Produk Dunia Kimia Jaya yang digunakan dalam industri stationery, diantaranya :

  • Vaslina
    Vaslina or as known as Petroleum Jelly is the odorless and tasteless materials for produce candle, crayons, and modelling compounds. Vaslina is available in white and yellow color and differ in consistency and shear strength with 36o to 60C melting point. Our Vaslina is also meeting the BP Standard.
  • Gold Parawax/ White Parawax
    Gold Parawax/ White Parawax is a pure mixture of normal and iso-alkanes. It has large and well formed distinct crystals of plate and needle type. Thus, Dunia Kimia Jaya gold parawax/ white parawax is the best choice for producing good quality candle and crayons in stationery industry.