Dunia Kimia Jaya
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Our production capabilities include a liquid production capacity of 6,000 MT per annum, which consist of six stainless steel reactors, varying from 3 to 6 MT in size, 1 MT disperser mixer and 3 MT glass lining reactor. Some of our reactors are equipped with steam jackets and condensers, while one reactor is a pressurized vessel, which enables us to produce chemicals involving simple as well as complex chemical blending.

For powder mixing, we have a production capacity of 6,000 MT per annum and our facility is equipped with two conical mixers as well as a super mixer and jet mill.

To support research and development of our products, our plants include onsite laboratories and application test outfitted with modern equipment. This ensures not only reliable quality control, but also the ability to produce chemicals according to our customers’ needs.